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X-Cart Mods : Marketing Manager Professional Bundle 3.0 for X-cart #11

Simply the most advanced collection of x-cart Add on's available in an incredible single purchase bundle.


The HIGHEST compatiblity ratio on the market, compatible with all x-cart versions from 3.2.2 through to the latest 4.X branches.


Proven, tested, mature. Unlike other modifications Firetank Add ons are expertly engineered specifically NOT to interfere with your x-cart system, it is does not affect your upgrade paths.

Stable, reliable and most of all proven time and time again to increase sales, increase your understanding of your store, increase customer loyalty, and constantly become more and more valuable to you as your shop grows.


This pack is for the serious shop owner who really wants to get the most out of their shop, customers and advertising with MINIMAL outlay.

ncrease your sales intelligently

Keep in contact with your customers

See EXACTLY where you sales are coming from!

Understand your customers purchasing habits

Follow your customers as they move on your site, actually SEE the page they are on,watch it change as they change pages!

View your sites selling trends

Optimize your sites search engine performance

Track your advertising campaign performance

Group your customers into targeted emailing groups and send them targeted, personalized email offers to UPSELL products.

See instant reports on sales performance, customer performance, product popularity trends on their site

Track the major search engine KEYWORDS used by your customers to find your site

See referers

Send HTML/Multipart emails

Track newsletter clicks

Track any clicks!

See your profit reports, see your product reports, category reports

And SO much more.



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